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Do you need a Building Surveyor?

A Building Surveyor is a property professional who deals with predominantly existing buildings; establishing their condition as well as advising and managing any necessary repairs and maintenance. Building Surveyors can advise on both domestic and commercial properties and can range from small scale defects within a single property to a wide scale estate and/or Developments.

Building Surveyor’s are also involved in the assessment of dilapidation obligations within commercial leases, both at interim and terminal stages. This can be on behalf of either the landlord or tenant and assesses the liability of the party as well as any required repairs within a property.

Our Services

Building Condition Surveys comprise of a detailed inspection of a property and report/advice on any existing defects along with advice on ongoing maintenance requirements.

Surveys can be on a full property or for a specific issue.

Building Condition Surveys are commonly instructed when a building is being purchased, or leased in order to establish condition and the likelihood of risk in line with maintenance costs. This can be carried out on both residential and commercial properties.

Costs of reports vary depending upon the time taken to complete the inspection and report. Please contact us for a quotation

Inspections and advise can be given on specific defects which occur in properties. Common examples of this are listed below, but any defects can be considered:

  • Damp
  • Timber decay/rot
  • Water ingress

Reports can also be prepared to be provided to banks/funding institutions as required.

Costs of reports vary depending upon the time taken to complete the inspection and report. Please contact us for a quotation.

Feasibility studies comprise of an options appraisal for a project in order to establish any constraints and associated costs for budget purposes to ensure the proposals are achievable.

Feasibility studies can be undertaken for all sizes of projects and costs vary depending on the size, options and factors to be considered. Please contact us for a quotation.

Maintenance and alteration works to properties requires to be specified and designed, taking into account relevant legislation and technical standards. Works can also be prepared into a description of works and provided to contractors to ensure works are completed to the required standard.

The preparation of a description of works also enables works to be priced competitively by the issue of tenders. We also provide tender checking and reporting facilities to ensure tenders are comparable and reflect the required works.

Design and Specification Services vary depending on the size of project and services required. Please contact us for a quotation.

Contract administration is the process of administering a construction contract in line with a construction/maintenance project, advising and certifying payments, issuing contract instructions and certifying completion of works.

We have a wide range of experience in this service and ensure that works progress timeously in line with budgets to ensure a successful project delivery.

Contract administration is often combined with design and specification services. Please contact us for a quotation.

Also known as a Valuation for Insurance purposes is an assessment of the costs associated with rebuilding a property. This takes into account site and location factors, building features, demolition requirements and professional fees.

The cost associated with a Reinstatement Cost Assessment can vary greatly depending on site/building size. Please contact us for a quotation.

This is the assessment of a property or estate which identifies its ongoing maintenance requirements along with associated costs. This covers all aspects of Building Fabric, Mechanical and Electrical Services and Cyclical Maintenance requirements and can be based over and time period, but is generally based up to 25 years.

Planned and Preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules allow costs to be allocated to ensure relevant budgeting practices as well as ensuring that properties remain in the best possible condition, minimising unexpected repairs.

PPM schedule costs depend on the size of property/estate as well as the reporting period. Please contact us for a quotation.

A Schedule of Condition (SoC) is the recording of a property’s condition at a specific point of time. A SoC is usually appended to a lease in order to limit a tenant’s repairing liability beyond the condition the property was in when the lease commenced.

The costs for a Schedule of condition depend on the property size and type. Please contact us for a quotation.

A Schedule of Dilapidation (SoD) is a document produced which shows the repairs required to a property in line with the obligations set out in a lease. This can be served on a tenant during the lease (Interim) or at the end of the lease (terminal). We can prepare both interim and terminal Schedules of Dilapidations.

Once a SoD has been served, a tenant can be advised on the best route of discharging their repairing obligations, usually by carrying out the necessary repairs, or negotiating a financial settlement. We can advise and negotiate on the level of repairs and a financial settlement on behalf of either a landlord or a tenant within a claim.

Costs associated with preparing a SoD and negotiating a settlement depend on the size of the property, property type and claim value. Please contact us for a quotation.

As a tenant, if you are aware that you are coming to the end of your lease agreement, we can arrange to inspect the property in line with the associated lease, and advise on the required works in order to fulfil your repairing obligations.

This allows further clarity for budgeting purposes along with necessary timescales.

Associated costs for preparing an Assessment of Dilapidations Liability depend on the size of property along with associated lease documents. Please contact us for a quotation.